GenF20 Plus is Safer Than Real Human Growth Hormone

There are a number of reasons to use an HGH releaser such as GenF20 Plus instead of receiving expensive human growth hormone injections. One of the main reasons is safety.

GenF20 Plus is all-natural and does not actually contain any real human growth hormone. This is a good thing because real HGH can become contaminated.

Just recently, it was in the news that Australian blood supplies may have been contaminated with a rare and fatal brain disease caused by human growth hormones extracted from the pituitary glands of corpses, two researchers have warned.

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Women given fertility treatment and children given human growth hormones may have passed on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) unknowingly while donating blood, they say in the latest edition of the Medical Observer.

The researchers, Lynette Dumble and Renate Klein, warn in their article that all recipients of blood donated by people treated with human growth hormone (HGH) and human pituitary gland (HPG) from corpses should be traced to break the chain of possible infection.

They say recipients should be warned not to give blood or organs in case they have CJD. Blood banks have been alerted and now ask potential donors whether they have had the treatment. Doctors also suggest using natural HGH supplements such as GenF20 Plus instead of synthetic human growth hormone.

Not convinced that HGH releasers like GenF20 Plus are safer than actual human growth hormone injections? Well, here’s another horrifying story.

Children as young as 10 have died of CJD in France after receiving HGH as a treatment for retarded growth, and two Australian women in their 40s have died after receiving the human growth hormones.

“Precautions to avoid CJD spread via blood or organ donation require the tracing of recipients who have received blood donated by HPG and HGH recipients, many of whom have been regular blood donors, to ensure that their CJD risk is not passed on to others,” Dr. Dumble and Dr. Klein wrote.

Dr. Dumble, senior research fellow in the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s surgery department, and Dr. Klein, deputy director of the Australian Women’s Research Centre at Deakin University, have urged authorities for more than a year to recommend using a natural human growth hormone stimulator such as GenF20 Plus instead of synthetic HGH. This helps stimulate the body’s production of testosterone.

In October last year, the federal Health Department’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tony Adams, said about 30 percent of infertile women treated with human growth hormone had been traced and warned of the risk. But according to Dr. Dumble and Dr. Klein, only about 20 percent have been traced, a figure they find hard to understand because the original treatment program was computerized.

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“It is unclear whether the decision to build a wall of silence around GenF20 Plus was made by the medical profession or government, or both,” the researchers wrote. “Assurances from authorities that information will merely create undue anxiety and panic are unconvincing in the light of the rising death toll worldwide from CJD among patients treated with human growth hormone.”

From 1964, about 1500 women were given the human growth hormones for infertility and about 1000 women and children received it to boost growth before the program was stopped in 1985 after two HGH recipients in the United States died of CJD.

A Melbourne woman and an Adelaide woman who died of CJD in the past two years were aged 40 and 44. Sporadic CJD appears late in life and has symptoms of dementia and brain abnormalities. Medically caused CJD has an average 15-year incubation period and is hard to diagnose. Medically acquired CJD progresses rapidly, taking four to 11 months from first symptoms to death.

These are all pretty horrible stories and should convince anyone of the dangers of taking real human growth hormone. Natural products like GenF20 Plus are totally safe because they don’t actually contain HGH. They merely stimulate the body’s production of its own HGH, which can be effective and is certainly much safer.