Can the Penomet Pump Add Inches to Your Penis?

In my quest to enlarge the size of my penis, I decided to try a penis pump called Penomet. This was a new design that used water instead of air to create a vacuum. It is supposed to be safer and more effective than most penis pumps.

But the Penomet pump didn’t really do what I wanted it to do—enlarge my penis permanently. The effects were temporary. I read that you really have to use the Penomet pump a lot to achieve permanent results.


Before I embarked on a real regimen using a penis pump, I decided to check out other options for penis enlargement. First up was penis surgery. I visited a clinic and chatted with a Dr. Mann.

Dr. Mann pointed out that, while the surgical procedure he practiced was relatively new, the concept of javelin modification was not. According to him, a tribe in India, a tribe in northern Uganda and a tribe in South America all attached stones to the penises of boys during puberty, thereby extending the size of the penis to as much as 18 inches.

Naturally, this made me wish that I’d been born in a more exotic locale than Philadelphia, where such activity is frowned upon. A breezy, chatty fellow, Dr. Mann said I would have to use the weights several times a day and would have to wear them for about a year. The Penomet penis pump was looking better and better as I listened to Dr. Mann.

Now came the part of the interview that I’d been most curious about. In order to explain how the procedure was done, Dr. Mann asked me to unveil Mr. Entertainment. As I did, I sort of hoped the penis doctor might fall back in his chair and say, “My heavens, man, why would anyone dream of tampering with a work of art like that!”

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But no, he just kept blabbing. From his reaction, it was clear that Dr. Mann was used to dealing with obscenely endowed men who, for their own reasons, wanted more when they already had far too much. And despite what an expert might say, you simply cannot enlarge your penis with mere natural male enhancement pills.

As I was leaving the office, Dr. Mann asked for $150.

By this point, I was definitely leaning toward having my penis enhanced by the rigorously professional Dr. Mann rather than a plastic tube called the Penomet. But being an educated consumer, I decided to give his competitor another shot.

On closer reflection, I realized that bolting from the reception area two weeks earlier had been ridiculous. The penis enhancement surgery wasn’t performed on the premises, after all, but in a surgical center, so the two limping men that I saw couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the penile enhancement outfit. It was all just a coincidence.

So I called back and made a second appointment.

Once again, I had to go through the humiliation of sitting in the waiting room, getting the once-over from a female receptionist. Here, for the benefit of any penile-enhancement surgeon who may be reading this article, let me say this: Having a female receptionist handle the application for this kind of surgery is a bad, bad idea. There’s just no way that a guy can sit in the lobby filling out the application without feeling that the woman is secretly dissing him. No way.

That’s one good thing about using the Penomet pump to enlarge the size of your penis. You can do it yourself, in private. No one needs to know. OK, Penomet, here I come!