Pin Setters Card from 1929

Patterson Bowling Center is one of the few duckpin bowling alley's left in Maryland that actually has a history behind it. Patterson Bowling Center was opened in 1927 by Martin Ruzin. Martin ran the then 14 lane alley (7 lanes upstairs and 7 lanes on the 1st floor) for approximately 27 years. Sometime around 1955 Martin turned the business over to his son Bernie Ruzin. Bernie continued to run the 14 lane duckpin bowling alley for 40 years. In the mid 1990's Bernie Ruzin, looking to retire, sought to sell the bowling alley to someone who would keep it operating as a bowling center.

It was in 1995 that the bowling alley was purchased by Charles McElhose Sr. and his wife Theresa McElhose. Patterson, after having operated for nearly 70 years in the Ruzin family, was now in need of renovations to revitalize the business. Together Charles and Theresa sought to improve the bowling alley. With a lot of hard work and attention to details Patterson got a new look while maintaining as much of the historical charm as possible. The bowling center was improved with new lane surfaces, overhead scoring screens, and mechanical improvements. In order to even out the number of lanes, thus appropriately accomodating for league play, the alley was modified to have 12 lanes, or 6 on each floor. The McElhose's also further enhanced the bowling center with snack vending machines and an ATM for the convenience of their customers.

Electronic Scoring Installation in April 2000

From 1999-2000 the McElhose's continued to improve the bowling center with resurfaced lane approaches and headers. The new surface consisting of imported material from Italy was added offering one of the best sliding approaches available as well as resistance to chipping and cracking. Additionally, the McElhose's entered the new millenium with electronic scoring, making it stand out among duckpin bowling alleys.

Today Patterson Bowling Center is the oldest operating duckpin bowling alley in the nation! Patterson runs regular leagues and open play bowling as well as playing host to parties for the young and old alike.

Patterson has been featured in a number of Baltimore area magazines and newspapers as well as being a part of a CNN human interest piece on Americas businesses. Come experience the excitement and challenge of the Baltimore tradition of Duckpin Bowling!

House Records

Men's High Set
Joe Davis - 550 (2006)

Men's High Game
Joe Berdych - 231 (1996)

Women's High Set
Heather Davis -526 (2010)

Women's High Game
Heather Davis - 198 (2010)

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