house rules

Patterson is committed to making your experience at our bowling center as enjoyable as possible. Keeping in mind that our bowling center is used by families, we have the following short list of house rules that we ask our patrons to respectfuly follow.

These rules should help to keep Patterson a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our patrons.

  1. No cursing/profanity
  2. No kicking/hitting any of the bowling center equipment
  3. Please show lane curteousy (Don't throw a ball at the same time as a bowler next to you)
  4. Keep the center clean
    • Dispose of trash in trash recepticals. (Please don't leave food/plates/drinks on tables when leaving)
    • Pick up any dropped food from floor. (Dropped food can be hazardous to other patrons)
    • Report spills or dropped food that require mopping so they will be cleaned up quickly.
  5. Bowling Shoes must be worn when bowling.
  6. BYOB is accepted with the following conditions:
    • Beer or Wine only
    • No Hard Liquor whatsoever
    • Legal drinking age ONLY!
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