No Need for Semenax in Cybersex

There are now other ways to improve your sex life than by taking natural male enhancement pills such as Semenax. Sure, Semenax might improve erectile function and increase the body’s production of semen, but it can’t replace a sexual partner.

That’s right. Scientists in the United States are now working to replace sexual intercourse between human beings with “inter-facing” between humans and computers.


They call the new technology “cybersex”, a broad term that can encompass anything from hot chat on a computer bulletin board to “virtual sex” with sophisticated computer simulation programs. Who needs Semenax when you have a willing computer?

With Americans increasingly shunning sexual contact because of the fear of aids and the complications of real-life relationships, the computer alternative is catching on fast. After all, natural male enhancement products like Semenax increase the amount of seminal fluid. But if that semen can cause disease, who needs it?

Eventually, some prophets proclaim, cybersex could be better than the real thing. “It can be compared to a sophisticated Nintendo game with an adult theme,” said Mike Saenz, a cybersex pioneer.

“But potentially it could be better than the real thing because it could become the realization of our fantasies,” he said. “There’s no such thing as erectile dysfunction or impotence with this kind of sex. You won’t need natural male enhancement pills such as Semenax. If you are the kind of person who is longing for things you don’t have in the world, you could realize your sexual dreams.”


Mr. Saenz, 33, a former cartoonist for Marvel Comics, runs a company called Virtual Valerie in Chicago which markets one of the first interactive cybersex software packages. Just slip a CD-ROM into your disk-drive and an animated Virtual Valerie will appear on screen and obey your every sex command or at least every command for which she has been programmed.

With sales of around 10,000, Virtual Valerie is now the second-bestselling CD-ROM and is stimulating sales of the new type of computer disk-drive, which looks similar to an audio CD but can carry visual data as well as sound. It is estimated that sales of this product will soon eclipse sales of natural enhancement products like Semenax.

Semenax pills

Mr. Saenz is now developing a more sophisticated sexual playmate for the computer buff, to be known as DonnaMatrix. He believes, however, that by the year 2020 the world could have entered the much-anticipated era of the “penis orgasmatron” the imaginary simulated sex machine featured in Woody Allen’s film “Bananas”.

Last year, cinema-goers saw one futuristic rendition of how such virtual sex might work in the science fiction film “The Lawnmower Man”. Jobe, the gardener of the title, borrows the virtual reality equipment in a government research laboratory to have sex with his new girlfriend, Marnie.

The two lovers strap themselves into complete body suits suspended in the air and, with the help of the computer, try to engage in sex and achieve orgasms by remote control.

Will cybersex soon make other male enhancement products like Semenax obsolete? Only time will tell, but there’s no questions that robots are coming, and they want to have sex with you.

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