The brilliance of individual, creative power as well as significant moments the match provides is among the best aspects of watching football. How the biggest players in a game invite new players, skills or tricks, to get out of whatever seems to be the desperate situation and to vibrate their place within the game’s history.
Maradona Turn, Scissor Kick, Cruyff Turn, The Chop, The Rainbow Flick, The Iniesta, among others, are among the classically popular football moves now being practiced worldwide for each new generation of football players. All of these techniques and skills need to be copied and perfect by children all over the world to honor the biggest players.
We’ve compiled this article of just what we think are the ten best soccer skills, but there are many more than that in your armor. How many did you hear about, as well as how many could you do about them?

Maradona Turn

Every player practices Maradona Turn, as well, as its excellence comes itself from its elegance. The Argentinian’s grand forward could bounce around the game only with hips swiveling, changing direction, and removing multiple opponents. Time to do it; it’s amazing to look at. 

Cruyff Turn

One of its greatest technical players of all time was Johan Cruffy. In addition to winning almost all of the trophies and creating the football legacy, the innovation of a Cruyff Turn has been his main achievement. Now it’s among the very next skill sets to teach children, but that is Cruyff’s genius – he made it easy. Cruyff is among our always favorites.

Scissor Kick

There’s nothing more exciting than a scissor kick to pull out a goal. A striking person’s sight is easily spectacular and therefore is back in the air by all of the beauty of such an Olympic athlete before reaching across just at the top of his head with his feet.
Pele was indeed the master in determining these kinds of objectives. Rooney scored several years ago only with a Manchester Derby scissor kick, as well as Gareth Bale were the newest models of this wonderful skill there in the 2018 Champions League final.


In the past ten years or so, Rabona has grown into just another talent that Pele used for the first time. Players like Neymar, Eden Hazard, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Erik Lamela and Angel Di Maria have placed all their efforts to great use throughout competitive games. Learn the qualification steps here.


The Elastico was indeed a favorite of Ronaldinho, among the most difficult skills in soccer. It includes moving your foot across the ball so that you can knock the football past the opponent in even a quick move by bringing it down the other side. Zinedine Zidane is indeed a fan too, but with Ronaldinho’s pomp, nobody could even pull it out. 

Pullback V

Maybe you did not hear about pullback V, and that at some period, you nearly definitely utilised it since it is very much the natural movement. It’s really the move by which you hold the ball, bring it back & then pat that behind your leg to start releasing a teammate, everything into V form. During his 1950s birthday, the wonderful Hungarian player Ferenc Puskas was credited for inventing it.

Rainbow Kick or Okocha Flick

No one really understands from where Rainbow originally came, however during his time with Bolton Wanderers, and this was Jay Okocha who regularly brought the Rainbow towards the great Premier League. It means that one foot is used to roll up the ball but in the opposite leg and flick it across the head of the adversary before trying to collect it from the other hand. That’s the last showboat, but it’s often seen in 5-side football games or even in football on the street.

Knuckleball Kick

That is quite the skill to achieve a direct free kick; however, there is neither technique to do it better than that of the Knuckleball. Mastered by the great Cristiano Ronaldo, it enables the perfect combination of strength, raising, and dipping to be created by hitting the ball directly on the pipe without having to move, spin or dip. A goalkeeper cannot save and hypocritically watch.

Scorpion Kick

In 1995, South America’s goalkeeper Rene signed himself into soccer when he made a scorpion save kick; because England played at Wembley. Naturally, it was totally unnecessary; however, the fact that it’s still discussed today shows just how memorable that was.

Seal Dribble

A ludicrous skill, it has never really been captured, but we still love it. Brazilian Kerlon perfected that and mainly involved it, running through like a seal, with the football on its front. Nani in the Premier League will be a modern-day illustration; look here! You do not see anything every day; however, you are a pleasure to try as well as master.

Final Words

This article of the top skills of football only calls the skills which have marked the history of something like the new generation. We should concentrate on trying to develop the individual as well as going to increase their ball capacity, including ball handling and skills. Knowing how to become a creative player, technical as well as unpredictable, plays an integral part. So try to practice these amazing football skills and become a master in Football and flaunt your skills to others. These football skills are of top quality, and this will surely improve your quality of playing football.

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