While no answer is right, most players throughout the list are the best players in the world over the last season. Even so, this list is controversial in other ways because of continuing fluctuations in its form and because soccer stopped for a couple of months throughout the middle of the season. However, without controversy, what is the ranking?
This list is indeed essential to know the reality that perhaps the French Ligue 1 didn’t really restart when most leagues began again following the forced hiatus. Therefore, the positioning of the two players of League 1 on the list is rather subjective as well as arbitrary, and they might have been completely different if they had to play during the remaining season. In fact, the list of players has become normally more subjective throughout the bottom because there are many players who can be considered the best players in the world only at the moment.
We tried to consider the current form of the players and their overall skill when they fit, but when other players played so well, they would always be arbitrary. Without any further ado, however, we think that they are now the top 4 players in the world based on their shape and their natural fitness.

Lionel Messi

For over a decade now, the Pulga Atómica (the Atomic Flea) has always been at the top of the hierarchy but still has a strong presence at 33. He has become the second nature of startling statistics as well as seasons. Despite the lack of the first four games for injury to Barcelona this season, Messi probably won the League’s top goals scorer for the seventh time in his career. As well as the 22 goals, Messi’s 20 League assists have achieved a total of 42 goals for 30 league matches. His personal record of 18 has been defeated during the whole season. This is a lifetime season for every player. This is business as usual for Lionel Messi.
Messi does have 27 goals as well as 24 assists throughout all competitions and hopes to lead Barcelona to the very first Champions League title in 2014-15. Messi is indeed the latest player to win Ballon d’Or, with Liverpool champion Virgil van Dijk barely beating seven points. The Argentinian forwards play some unstop, exciting soccer as usual, despite Barcelona’s managerial problems as well as the unpredictability about the Club’s future when Messi leaves.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He’ll be close to the top of a list as long as he’s around. Cristiano Ronaldo is 35, only his second year in Italy, with absurd figures gathering before the finish line. With 28 goals as well as six assists throughout the 28 matches he has played within the League, as well as a total of 39 goal contributions throughout all tournaments, Ronaldo contributed to just 50% of Juventus goals this season. He is currently challenging Latium’s Ciro Immobile also for Capocannoniere (Series A top scorer) and was the star of Juventus’s campaign. Ronaldo will also want to accomplish his personal triple this season whenever the competition begins again in August, after winning the Champions League with both of his former clubs.
More impressively, Ronaldo leads a league goal, with much less assistance from his teammates than he did before. Juventus ranks 16th in crosses of 20 teams in Serie A this season as well as 14th in both precise crosses and crossing assists. Having the most important goals in the history of soccer, Ronaldo made a huge change in this season because of his lack of crossing skills. However, behind the lead scorer, he’s always one.


Despite the fight against injury this season and because of Ligue 1, the decision to end the season early instead of restart play now since lockdown has been unplayed since early March, Neymar jr. is now in third on my list. That should show how unbelievable the Brazilian winger fits. Neymar collected 13 goals as well as six assists in just 15 League games this season. These numbers rise to 18 goals and ten assists in 22 games in every competition. Neymar really hasn’t managed anything close to something like a fully fit season in three seasons at Paris Saint-Germain, but his international ability remains as clear when he is on the field. Messi, Ronaldo, as well as injuries have been the only reasons Neymar didn’t win the Ballon d’Or. Without these three factors, Neymar would have been the greatest player ever, if not a shoo-in.
Neymar’s next goal besides the Ballon d’Or would be to win the PSG Champions League. Neymar is fit as well as hungry for such a title in the quarter-finals of something like the tournament just after Borussia Dortmund finals within the 16th round.

Robert Lewandowski

The world-class frontman of Bayern Munich has just completed his sixth season at the Club as well as his tenth season in the League of Germany. And even at 31, Robert Lewandowski was still having his best season. Lewandowski won for the fifth time throughout the 31 matches that he played in the Bundesliga top scorer prize with 34 goals. He only struggled to convert seven braces with one hat trick in six games throughout the season. He as well scored 51 goals in all competitions and 6 participants in 43 games, such as two in the DFB cup final recently won by Bayern. These numbers would also likely grow whenever the Champions League resumes in Lisbon in August, as Lewandowski had also scored every game within the Champions League this season.
Robert Lewandowski is good at the talks, mostly on Ballon d’Or 2020, even after an unbelievable season. Indeed, if Lewandowski continues his amazing form, it could prove somewhat simple to choose, and Bayern Munich will help win the Champions League within the second eve of Europe, winning a continental triple twice. The Polish international is well-reached since Bayern Munich is widely regarded as just a trophy holder.

Final Words

So these were the top four players in the field of Football that you need to know about.

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